How To Choose The Right Handbag For Your Prom This Year

If you are in high school you are probably already thinking about your prom even though it may be a good many months away. One of the biggest considerations you may have after your prom dress is a handbag that will compliment it. A high quality evening handbag will make you feel like a real lady on prom night as you are escorted by your knight in shining armor. A prom handbag is not designed to be a catch all backpack like your other one may be, it is designed specifically to contain only the items you need for that night such as your money, makeup, and keys. If I have your attention now and you really want to know how to choose the right prom handbag for you then read on. What you will find below is a review of a few choices you may want to consider. Some of the handbags mentioned are a little more rare so if you choose one of those you may want to get it well ahead of time to be sure you receive it by the date of your special event.One of the styles that was popular last year and appears to still be hot now...


How And Where To Find Wholesale Designer Handbags

So you want to sell designer handbags, well you have chosen a very lucrative and competitive market to get into. There are a great many wholesale sources from whom you can get great designer handbags from at decent prices. You will be able to find high end products from well known manufacturers such as Prada and Luis Vuitton. The key factors you want to consider when seeking a wholesaler are quality and price as this will be the things that determine your success in this business. With the internet and popular sites such as eBay consumers are getting highly educated and do a lot of comparison shopping so you must be able to compete with others to garner a share of the market.When you are investigating a potential wholesale source you need to check out their reputation and how long they have been in business as well as knowing their financial stability and the quality of the products they offer. You also want to know what the minimum orders are, how much they charge for shipping, and what their return policy i...


How Brighton Handbags Have Established A Strong Foothold In The Market

The Brighton handbag line has not been on the scene for a great deal of time. Louis Vuitton and Prada have been developing handbags for roughly a a century or more. Coach has developed handbags for more than 50 years with the Brighton handbags only having been on the market since 1993. Let's take a look at how this relatively young upstart company is making an impression in the market today.The company opened its doors working on the development of belts. The brevity of time on market for Brighton handbags has not been an obstacle in the development of a strong following. As an example, in the United States, roughly 60000 boutiques offer the Brighton handbags. The demand for these particular handbags is not isolated to the United States as Brighton handbags have also been well-received in France, Italy, Taiwan, and China among some of the larger countries. To give a little idea on the back of the company, Brighton is one of the smaller design house with a very traditional philosophy in place. When you look...


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