How Brighton Handbags Have Established A Strong Foothold In The Market

The Brighton handbag line has not been on the scene for a great deal of time. Louis Vuitton and Prada have been developing handbags for roughly a a century or more. Coach has developed handbags for more than 50 years with the Brighton handbags only having been on the market since 1993. Let's take a look at how this relatively young upstart company is making an impression in the market today.

The company opened its doors working on the development of belts. The brevity of time on market for Brighton handbags has not been an obstacle in the development of a strong following. As an example, in the United States, roughly 60000 boutiques offer the Brighton handbags. The demand for these particular handbags is not isolated to the United States as Brighton handbags have also been well-received in France, Italy, Taiwan, and China among some of the larger countries.

To give a little idea on the back of the company, Brighton is one of the smaller design house with a very traditional philosophy in place. When you look at the designers, each of the designs that they create starts with a sketch by hand and then follows through from a simple concept they had to a finished product. Leather accessories are often hand created and can take up to the work of 140 individuals to put it together. This attention to details is one of the main reasons that these handbags are so well received. The company also does not focus only on handbags but rather has a full line of items so that you can have Brighton accessories from top to bottom.

When you talk about Brighton handbags, the price is very consistent for upper scale handbags. It falls directly in line with the price range which Coach shoots for but it does have lower-priced items for those with a more limited budget. Most of its products retail for between $200 and $250 with some of its lower and handbags retailing for a little over $100 or the low $100. This can be very good for those of you who have limited finances but yet want to remain as fashionable as possible.

When you think about purchasing a new handbag, be sure to look into a Brighton handbag. The company has created a very solid tradition for itself and it seems that it will continue in the same manner in the near future. With the amount of attention to detail and how hard everyone works, you'll find that you will have a great product which will last you a long time while also being able to purchase a quality, highly regarded handbag for potentially less than what you would pay for a Coach, Prada, or Louis Vuitton handbag.


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